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How Cookies are used on this site

We use cookies to help identify your device so we can tailor your user experience. We do not use cookies to collect personally identifiable information about you.

On your first visit to the Cubix website, you will be given the opportunity to block cookies if you wish. By accepting cookies, we will be able to track your user experience and you will also be able to share pages with social networks, such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

We may collect information about your computer such as your IP address, operating system and browser type for the purposes of system administration and to create reports. This is all statistical data and does not identify any individual or personal information. The cookies in use on our website are for Google Analytics, which is a tool that helps website owners to understand how visitors interact with their site. This can help website owners track who visits their website and to assist with improving the site.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are downloaded onto your device’s hard drive when you visit some websites. The information stored includes; the time that you visited the website, whether you have visited the site before and what site referred you to the current website. For example, we use them to recognise a user’s device in order to tailor your experience, they will not collect personally identifiable information about you or share any personal information with third parties.

How to manage cookies

If you would like to restrict or block the cookies, you can do this through your browser settings. You can disable any cookies already stored on your computer. Please be aware that this may affect your user experience.

More information

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