Care Bedroom Furniture Ranges – More than a Package Offer

In recent studies, it has been found that the residential care environment is of the utmost importance for the well-being of its residents. The dreary old-fashioned image of a residential care home, stark, clinical and reminiscent of a cottage hospital, is one of the past and has made way for a more modern home-from-home feel in both communal areas and bedrooms.

With many residential care homes developing into vibrant living complexes with cafes, restaurants, cinemas and hair salons all under one roof, the future of care homes is looking more like that of a well-equipped hotel. Often, care facilities offer an assisted-living dynamic where medical care staff are on hand should they be needed, but the residents go about their business as usual without requiring 24/7 care. With this in mind, the bedroom furniture specified for such facilities is likely to be similar in appearance to domestic furniture but is manufactured to the higher standards of contract furniture.

At the other end of the scale, there are care homes that cater to residents who are less able and require a greater level of care. Of course, the furniture specified for these facilities will be equally aesthetically pleasing, however, there is more that needs to be considered to ensure that these residents are as comfortable as possible in their surroundings.

Your considered choice of care home bedroom furniture has never been more important. Moving away from the clinical feel of an old-fashioned residential environment whilst maintaining the functionality and durability needed in contract furniture is a fine balancing act.

The resident’s bedroom is their own precious personal space, whether it is part of an assisted-living complex or in a full-time care facility. It should therefore be comfortable, spacious and somewhere they feel safe, and as importantly, it should feel and look like home.

Cubix care furniture is all carefully considered to surpass the requirements of a residential care environment. Manufactured to the highest standards all of our furniture is strong, robust and designed with longevity in mind.

In addition to the usual high standards required of contract furniture, our care furniture offers even more. By utilising an antibacterial laminate on our bedroom furniture surfaces, it can be treated to be antibacterial which might be important for those elderly residents who may have a weakened immune system. Similarly, the horizontal surfaces on our furniture are designed to be easily and regularly cleaned without having any detrimental effect on the surface aesthetic.

Our ranges boast many features that not only help the resident to feel at home but also serve to make their life a little easier such as soft closing doors and drawers, easy to use handles and knobs, vision panels for dementia patients, and ample shelving to display personal items, to name but a handful of features.

Our furniture can easily be customised at no additional charge to have contrasting colours to drawer or door fronts to again help dementia patients or those with sight impairment.

At Cubix, we offer six standard ranges of care bedroom furniture that you can choose from, however, think of our ranges as inspiration. Each and every piece of our care furniture is manufactured to order at our furniture factory in the heart of the West Midlands. This means that we are completely flexible, and our furniture packages can be customised to suit your own particular specifications without adding excessive cost. This may be as simple a shorter desk to accommodate a smaller bedroom footprint, a larger wardrobe for additional storage or perhaps a different colour or combination of finishes. We are always here to help.

Take a look at some of our care bedroom ranges and their features:

Clover Range – Dementia Friendly Furniture

Clover is our dementia friendly range, designed specifically with the difficulties that those living with dementia regularly face.
The vision panels, available on both drawers and wardrobes, enable the resident to see what is inside giving them more familiarity with their surroundings. The contrasting handles are easily seen and our standard soft-close drawers and doors help to maintain a calm comforting environment. These small details can go a long way to helping the resident to feel more at ease.

Lily – Contemporary and Functional

The Lily range boasts ample low-level and higher-level storage which serves to maximise the footprint. Pictured here with contrasting fronts to accentuate the sleek lines the Lily achieves the modern yet functional goal.

Iris – Simple and Stylish

Designed with a budget-driven project in mind, the Iris range doesn’t compromise on style. With plentiful storage solutions and our impeccable quality standard, the Iris range is a perfect choice for a smaller bedroom footprint.

Alternatively, if you require something a little (or completely) different we have the expertise within our design team to produce exactly what you need with our bespoke design service. Whether your inspiration is from one of our ranges, a design that you would like to emulate or whether your requirements are simply dictated by space, we can always help. Our experienced design team can assist in designing furniture specific to your requirements before handing over to our in-house furniture production team, based at our manufacturing facility who will create your bespoke design from concept to a finished piece of high-quality furniture. Finally, our professional and experienced installation team work throughout the UK to make the installation pain free, ensuring minimal disruption to you, our valued client.

Whatever you require for your care bedroom furniture project, we have the expertise, skills and resources to make it happen.

Take a look at our care bedroom furniture collection.