5 Design Considerations for Residents Living with Dementia

Currently, in UK care homes 80% of residents are living with dementia. Suffering from dementia is a very unnerving experience for the patient, ensuring that their surroundings are comfortable, familiar, safe and functional is of paramount importance to support their well-being.

The Dementia Services Development Centre a Stirling University states that: “Getting design right can make a fundamental difference to the lives of people with dementia. It can improve the life experiences and increase the life expectancy of those affected by dementia”.

Clearly, this statement is particularly relevant to a resident’s personal space, i.e. their bedroom. Therefore, our dementia friendly range, Clover, has been designed with careful consideration with this in mind.

Attention has been paid to a variety of aspects in the designing of the Clover range to assist in making things easier for the resident

1. Make it Visible

By using vision panels, made from either glass or perspex, on wardrobe doors and drawer fronts the patient need not suffer the frustration of not being able to remember where they have stored something and having to search through cupboards and drawers. Being able to see inside the furniture at a glance helps the patient feel in control of their belongings.

2. Doors and Drawers

Creating a calm, contented environment for the resident is at the forefront of the Clover bedroom furniture design. Utilising soft close drawers and cupboards contributes to the relaxed feel of the bedroom. It’s also important to consider that a person in residential care may not have the dexterity that they once had, the Clover range caters to this and has cut outs instead of handles to make opening drawers easy for those who may struggle.

3. Within Reach

Many residents living with dementia are able-bodied, however, in a residential care environment those who are less mobile or using wheel chairs need to be catered for. With this in mind, all of the furniture available in the Clover range can be made to specific height requirements. Should the resident require a medical bed the bedside table can be adapted to work alongside the bed. In addition to this, wardrobes in the Clover range can be height adjusted so that clothing is within easy reach. A hanging rail can be placed at a height that is comfortable for the resident so they are able to choose their clothing without assistance, promoting their independence.

4. Pictures and Memories

Often people with dementia have very strong memories of the past. Keeping a visual reminder of these helps them to maintain the connection and feel safer. Plenty of space to display their beloved items and make their bedroom feel like home is crucial. The shelving offered within the Clover range is plentiful and spacious.

5. Customisable

As with all of the Cubix residential care ranges each item within the Clover range is customisable, available in MFC or veneer and in a stain of your choice. In addition to this as all Cubix furniture is made to order at our manufacturing facility we can accommodate your specific requirements, be it different sizes or rooms with small footprints our design experts are on hand to help you achieve what’s needed. Only wanting a few items from the range and not the complete set? Even if you only require loose furniture, bedside tables or wardrobes, this isn’t a problem for Cubix, we are still happy to help and tailor our products to your business needs.

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