Bunk beds are an excellent space saving solution for many commercial environments. Not just for children, commercial grade, adult bunk beds are commonplace in numerous settings including student residences, sporting activity centres, MoD accommodation, emergency first responder units, hostels, public service training centres…the list goes on.

There are certain challenges that these residential settings have in common:

  1. Multiple guests reside in a room, whether it is a dormitory style room with several beds or a bedroom for just two or three occupants, maximising the available space is essential.
  2. They are high use commercial environments facing challenging conditions. Furniture needs to be manufactured to high commercial standards to withstand intensive use and be safety compliant to guarantee the welfare of residents.


Space Saving Sleep Solutions

Bunk beds and loft beds provide the ideal space saving solution by utilising vertical space, freeing up more floor space. A loft bed can even provide additional workspace underneath.

Depending upon the core function of the residence, the amount of other furniture required in the space may differ greatly. For example, a student who resides in a shared bedroom may do so for nine months of the year, it therefore, isn’t feasible for them to live without a good-sized wardrobe, chest of drawers, desk and comfortable chair.

Storage solutions can be incorporated into the design of a bunk bed or loft bed to ensure that it works hard and addresses several design challenges. A loft bed could be a solution for a third bed in a room short on square footage utilising the space underneath for a desk, chair and drawers creating clearer floor space and the illusion of a larger area.

For short term residences, a few nights spent at a training centre, a night shift for a first response team the requirements for furniture are far less. In such circumstance’s storage solutions can be built into the bunk in the form of under bed storage or cupboards built into the foot of the bed. These storage solutions can be lockable to ensure that personal belongings are safe.

Additional features could include a power console built into the bunk beds, this can house a socket for charging those “cannot live without” essentials such mobile devices and a reading light so individuals can continue reading should their neighbours wish to sleep.

Cubix has a team of technical designers experienced in getting the most out of even the smallest bedroom footprint. A thorough site survey will provide all the information needed to design the perfect solution for your space.


In order to ensure the safety of guests bunk beds and loft beds are subject to stringent quality and safety standards.

Design of bunks or loft beds should be following the guidelines of British Safety Standard number BS EN 747:1993

To prevent accidents, rail around the mattress of a top bunk or loft bed should be a minimum of 160mm from the top of the mattress.

Mattresses should fit snugly to the frame and not allow gaps around the edges for limbs to get trapped.

Ladders to upper bunks should have treads at least 200mm apart and each tread must be a minimum of 20mm deep.

Avoid locating bunks near windows or too close to light fittings.

Student Accommodation Bunk Beds with Ladders

Built to Last

Commercial grade furniture is subject to the most stringent tests to ensure that it is fit for purpose – robust enough to withstand heavy contract intensive use.

Bunk beds need to be of heavy-duty construction and be able to withstand the weight of an adult climbing the steps to the top bunk. By ensuring that all critical joints are fixed securely with adhesive, screws, and dowels or welded with metal frames and that good quality materials are used, your bunk beds should have a long life span.

Not only does the bunk bed itself need to be made to the highest standard, but installation needs to be equally reliable. Often a large bunk bed will be affixed to a side wall or adjoining piece of furniture adding to its sturdiness.

Cubix has a team of designers and joinery experts whose skills are poured into each and every piece of furniture produced at our on-site production facility. By manufacturing on-site, the Cubix team are certain that all safety and quality checks are fulfilled prior to any furniture leaving for installation by their experienced installation team so you can rest assured that the bunk beds are of the highest commercial quality.

Looking Good

Finally, it isn’t enough for your bunk beds to be amazing space savers and incorporate clever storage solutions, they need to look good too. There is no need to compromise on style when seeking functionality. At Cubix, all of our bunk beds are built to order on site at our production facility. This allows full versatility in terms of the finish you chose for your bunk beds, you can match them to existing furniture or simply design to complement your décor. The choice is yours.

Contact our team today to discuss your requirements.